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Taste that goes beyond white milk

  • Grade A Whole Milk: Gallon, ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint, ¼ pint, and 5-gal dispenser

  • 2%, lower fat, great taste: Gallon, ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint, ¼ pint, 5-gal dispenser

  • 1%, a healthy alternative: Gallon, ½ gallon, quart, ½ pint

  • Skim, ZERO grams of fat: Gallon, ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint, ¼ pint, and 5-gal dispenser

  • Organic milk

  • Whole Chocolate, everybody’s favorite: Gallon, ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint, and 5-gal dispenser

  • 1% Chocolate, same taste less fat: Gallon, ½ gallon, pint, ½ pint, and 5-gal dispenser

  • 1% Flavored, special treats made with MFD quality: Strawberry pint and ½ pint, Vanilla ½ pint

  • Gourmet Buttermilk, World-famous, our buttermilk is a taste from the past! You can see the actual flakes of butter: Gallon, ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint

  • Egg Nog, great for the Holidays: ½ gal, quart, pint

When you want freshness, you want Marburger Farm Dairy!



Flavorful yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy by-products

  • Yogurt: Dannon and Yoplait, 4-6 oz.; Slim & Trim 5lb, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, peach, strawberry, plain

  • Titusville Mix: vanilla special, chocolate special, 10% vanilla, 10% chocolate, 10% custard, 14% unflavored, 3.25% vanilla, sugar-free fat-free vanilla, yogurt vanilla, yogurt chocolate

  • Butter: 5lb, 17lb continental,15lb reddies, 7lb whipped, 5lb cut, 4lb cups, 1lb quarters, 1lb block, 1lb no salt block, 1lb no salt qtrs.

  • Oleo: blend 1lb, blend 7lb, oleo 1lb block, oleo 1lb qtrs, oleo 10lb cups, oleo 12lb reddies, oleo soft 1lb, oleo soft 4lb

  • Special needs: Lactaid ½ gal D, Lactaid quart 2%, Lactaid ½ gal 2%, Lactaid ½ gal skim, Lactaid quart 1%, Lactaid, quart skim, Lactaid case hpt, Soy ½ gal regular, Soy ½ gal vanilla, Soy ½ gal chocolate

  • Cream cheese: ½ pint, 3lb, 5lb, 1 oz (100 count)

  • Cheese: 1lb American sliced, 5lb American sliced, 5lb American block, 5lb hot pepper, 8lb Swiss, 12lb provolone, 2lb cheddar shredded, 2lb mozzarella shredded, 5lb cheddar shredded, 5lb Monterey Jack shredded, 5lb 50/50 shredded, 6lb mozzarella block, 5lb blue cheese crumble, 5lb feta crumble

  • 8oz cheese shredded: mozzarella, pizza, cheddar, taco

  • 8oz cheese in blocks: Swiss, mild cheddar, Muenster, Monterey Jack, pepper jack, Mozzarella, brick, cheddar, Colby, NY Sharp

  • Cottage cheese: 5lb small, 5lb slim, 1lb small curd, 1lb large curd, 1lb slim, 24oz lowfat, 24oz regular, 24oz fat free, 12oz small curd, 5lb dry (75oz), 1lb dry (14oz)

  • Ricotta cheese: 12lb, 24oz, 46oz, 15oz

  • Sour cream: 5lb, pint, ½ pint, 1oz cups (100 count)

  • Dip: pint French Onion, ½ pint French Onion

  • Eggs: dozen boxed large, 15 dz loose large, dz boxed xlarge, dz boxed jumbo, liquid eggs

  • Cream: ½ pint 36% whipping, quart 36% whipping, quart 40% whipping, 15oz dairy fresh, 15oz classic cream, 7oz classic cream, 15oz non-dairy classic cream

  • Coffee creams: quart ½ & ½, pint ½ & ½, ½ oz ½ & ½ (400ct), 3/8oz ½ & ½ (400ct), quart non-dairy, 1/2oz non-dairy (400ct), 3/8oz non-dairy (448ct), quart coffee cream, ½ pint coffee cream

  • Flavored cream: pint French vanilla, pint Amaretto, ½oz French vanilla, ½ oz Irish cream, pint sweet cream, pint hazelnut creme, pint carmel macchiata

  • 2 liter pump: original, French vanilla, hazelnut

  • Cream dispenser bags: 4 liter bag 1% lowfat, 4 liter bag ½ & ½ 4 liter bag whole milk, 4 liter bag French vanilla

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